Explanation of Different Flower Meanings

Most likely you have already heard somewhere that different flower types and colors have a different meaning. Those meaning were always hidden and considered to be mythical. Whoever a lot of people actually believe in them. The Flower Delivery company that we have here in Ireland is decided to share some of their knowledge about certain flowers and explain their meanings. Remember there are a lot more different types of flowers that have a meaning, we have just selected the most common ones that we think people will enjoy reading about.


Post1aWe thought to start off with the most common flower rose that comes to everyone minds first when they think of flowers. Roses have not one but much different meaning depending on their color. There are some of the most complicated flowers to understand because of the color variety they are coming in.

The red rose is a symbol of attraction and romance, most likely you have already known that if you love someone that you can express your feelings with a red rose or even a bouquet of roses. The yellow rose is representing friendship, and they will cheer up anyone. The pink is for representing elegance, gratitude as well as a little bit of romance. After all, they are not so far away from the red ones. The Orange is the clear representation of enthusiasm, you should gift people orange roses when you are proud of some of their achievement. For the last one, we have saved the most asked one the white rose. They are very common and people are getting confused about the meaning behind white roses, but they are really easy to understand they represent purity. It is a traditional flower that is used in weddings to present new and fresh love.


Carnation flowers are very confusing to a lot of people; however, they really represent only three things love, fascination and distinction. They are a great representation gift of your love. Usually a great gift for mothers on Mother’s Day.


Usually are very familiar with orchids because they are the perfect flower for a decoration plant for your home. Post1cHowever, actually people don’t really know a lot about them, they just buy them because they look nice. There are plenty of things that an orchid can represent, first of all like the majority of flowers love. Other than just love, they are representing luxury, strength, and beauty.