After Delivery Care for Flowers

The main question that the majority of our customers ask us is always about the aftercare for the Delivery Flowers. That is a really smart question and because we got asked very often, we decided to make a short guide about the aftercare of your flowers. Of course, you shouldn’t get your hopes up and think that you will be able to preserve the flowers completely. They will change over time, but the main point is that they will hopefully stay in one piece.

Drying Out Process

Post3aThe main problem with fresh flowers is that they start falling apart after few days. Sometimes people want to preserve a flower because it means something for them if they got it for their birthday or some anniversary. Those flowers should be preserved as a nice memory of that occasion. Post3cHowever, it is much more complicated than just saying that you will preserve them. If you don’t follow these steps, there is a high chance that you will not have success with preserving the flower. That is usually because flowers are very sensitive to everything mostly the environment and the condition they are in.

If you want to preserve them, then you need to be extremely careful with them throughout their whole life, even when they are done with the drying process. Finally, here is the process of drying the flowers. First of all, you have to take them out of the vase and the water because if you want to dry them, they shouldn’t be exposed to moisture and water. When you have taken them out from the water, carefully hang them upside down.


You have to make sure that you are hanging them somewhere where they can get a lot of ventilation and fresh air. Ventilation is extremely crucial for this process because they will be drying much faster that way. however, make sure that they are not exposed directly to any wind because that can damage the flowers. One more important thing about hanging them that you should do is to separate the flowers into smaller groups or one by one if you have purchased a whole bouquet.

After that leave, them hanging in that ventilated place for at least one week. They need that time in order to dry out completely. If the flower is not dried out completely, you will have problems because it will most likely start falling apart immediately after you put them somewhere. That’s why it is crucial that you give the flower enough time to dry out completely before you do anything. When the flower is dried out you should place it in a place where you are sure nobody will touch it, that way you can preserve a flower for few years.