How to Choose Flowers for Every Occasion

Picking out flowers can be a complicated process and even stressful if you are inexperienced with flowers. Usually, this problem can be easily solved if you know where to look for information or if you know who to ask for opinion and advice. However, from our experience people don’t know that they can ask someone professionally for an opinion. We wanted to make a short guide on how to pick the perfect flower for every occasion.

Birthday Flowers

Post2aThese are the most common type of flowers that people are buying because there is the most frequent occasion. For a birthday, it is really simple to pick the perfect flower because you usually have the one choice and that is the rose. A rose is a universal flower that can be used for different occasions, but they are most commonly used as a birthday flower. The florists Dublin will always recommend purchasing a rose for a birthday.

One thing that you need to watch out for when buying a rose is to buy any other color but red unless you are buying it for your wife or girlfriend. That is because you can send false hints to the other person by giving them a red rose. The red rose is a symbol of attraction; therefore, you should give red roses only when you are in love with the person. However, this is just an advice that you don’t have to follow. There are plenty of other color variations in roses that you can choose from and not one of them is a bad choice for a birthday.

Post2bAnniversary Flowers

These flowers should be different from the birthday ones because they represent a different thing, therefore you should get a different flower type. The first thing that we always recommend to our customers is to try out the Carnation flowers because they are similar and in the same time different from roses. You can find them also in many different color variations, therefore you can experiment each year with a different color or you can mix two or more color together. A good tip that we can give you is to purchase a bouquet of these flowers because after all, it is your anniversary. Unfortunately, one bad thing about Carnations is that they are really difficult to preserve. Other than that, they will make an extremely great anniversary gift.

Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

Post2cNobody likes to go to these occasions but, we cannot do anything about them, you have to give your respect and sympathy to a family that is lost, someone. It is a very nice gesture when you give them flowers in this kind of situation, everyone will appreciate them. The perfect flowers for these types of occasions are the Lilies and the Roses.